13 (review)

13 (review)
13 (review)
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THE PLAY: A 12-year-old Jewish boy from New York adjusts to a new life and school in a small Indiana town.


THE PRODUCTION: I’m not sure why adults would want to see this show. It’s not an in-depth examination of teenage anxiety, but a rather surface look at typical issues of fitting in and first love. The Disneyesque approach works with this bright-eyed, wholesome cast and the infectious, sometimes funny Broadway pop tunes. The actors are highly capable and director Anna Senechal Johnson has captured their enthusiastic energy. It’s clear they’re enjoying the opportunity to be in a show that’s so relatable to them. Jasmine Mckinzie has created cute, age-appropriate choreography and music director Anthony Smith has put the capable band in 2 places (on stage for the teen musicians and at the back of the house for the grownups). Most of these are not seasoned voices and Hailey Bean’s spotty sound mix sometimes loses the lyrics. Emily Hake Massie’s turquoise and orange set provides the appropriate backgrounds with lockers and school posters. The lights by Weston Corey and costumes by Sarah Grady work fine. Running time:1:40 (no intermission) NOTE: There are 2 entirely different casts. I saw the “Appleton” cast, which alternates with the “Indiana” cast.)


THE POINT: This is basically a well-staged high school production. Adults will find themselves bemused by the sweet sentiments of teenage angst-ish, but younger audiences will appreciate the issues “lite” presented by this bouncy, energetic cast.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


A co-production of Cadence Theater and Virginia Rep at the Theatre Gym thru 11/17



The Indiana cast (Photos by Jay Paul)

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