Musicals, comedies & Arthur Miller

Musicals, comedies & Arthur Miller
Musicals, comedies & Arthur Miller
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Swift Creek Mill Theatre has announced their season for 2017-18:


The Woman In Black, A Ghost Play: The title pretty much sums it up.

(9/14 – 10/21)


The Andrews Brothers: When the Andrews Sisters miss a UFO performane, 3 stagehands put on the show (featuring 25+ of their favorite songs).

(11/ 9 – 12/31)


All My Sons: Arthur Miller’s classic drama about a family torn apart by greed and guilt

(1/18 – 2/24, 2018)


Dames At Sea: A celebration of movie musicals about an eager young dancer who gets her big break.

(3/8 – 5/5)


Always A Bridesmaid: A comedy about marriage from the authors of “The Dixie Swim Club” and “The Hallelujah Girls.”



Tomfoolery: A musical review of Tom Lehrer’s satirical political songs created by Cameron Mackintosh.



Visit the website for subscription information.

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