1776 (review)

1776 (review)
1776 (review)
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THE PLAY: The Continental Congress labors in the Philadelphia heat as John Adams drives the vote for our nation’s independence.


THE PRODUCTION: This script is witty, while keeping the historical aspects interesting. It helps that director Deb Clinton has assured that every comic moment hits its potential. The songs shine with good voices and simple, clever choreography. Even the lengthy debate in Act One (1:40) is absorbing. She’s beautifully staged the entire production, alternating between joviality and somber significance. It’s great to see Scott Wichman and Jason Marks mine every laff with their often subtle, yet hilarious delivery. All of the performances are solid with solo standouts from the delightfully spunky Bryant Pugh and a stunning dramatic turn from Alexander Sapp. Rich Mason’s set makes the Federal style attractive, while BJ Wilkinson’s lighting sometimes adds distracting flourishes (an attempt to modernize something that should be left simple). The orchestra under the direction of Sandy Dacus is where it needs to be, fully supporting without calling attention to itself.  (Running time: 3:00)


THE POINT: An immensely entertaining history lesson.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


A Virginia Rep production at the November Theatre thru 10/23




Scott Wichmann (John Adams) and Alexander Sapp (Edward Rutledge). Photo by Aaron Sutten.

Scott Wichmann (John Adams) and Alexander Sapp (Edward Rutledge). Photo by Aaron Sutten.



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