Blow the Man Down (review)

Blow the Man Down (review)
Blow the Man Down (review)
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A small Maine fishing village is the locale for this extremely mild crime drama. It revolves around several women: A trio of seniors who seem to be influential busy bodies, the woman who runs the local whorehouse (Margo Martindale) and 2 sisters whose mother has just died. When one of the siblings gets into trouble, she relies on her sis to help. Meanwhile, the elders gather and gossip, while disparaging the “madame” and her girls. The film starts out feeling like there might be a Coen Brothers influence, but the sharp cleverness of their films never manifests itself. While the characters and their performances are mildly engaging, the writer/director team of Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy didn’t create an interesting script and couldn’t make the movie even mildly tense or compelling. The addition of fishermen singing sea shanties is a rather pretentious device that doesn’t add anything but extra minutes. The film’s potential never rises above passable.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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