$5 Movie Tix!

$5 Movie Tix!
$5 Movie Tix!
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Can you believe it? Movieland has been in RVA for a decade!


They’re celebrating on Wed. 2/27 by reducing the ticket price to $5 and charging $5 for popcorn (add them together and you have $10…get it?). There will also be a Bow Tie Bar with specialty cocktails, in addition to beer, wine and cider. Also, the first 2,500 patrons will receive a free tote bag.


When it opened, the 17-screen Movieland was the City’s first new cinema in 15 years. It did well from the beginning and they added 4 more screens for “art” films in 2012: the Criterion Cinemas across the parking lot.


Here are some of the stories that I’ve posted in the past about Movieland.


Local actor in “42”



Criterion & Red Skins



Gold Card



Clearview Acquisition



Band premiere



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