A Ghost Story (review)

A Ghost Story (review)
A Ghost Story (review)
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If it hadn’t been for Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara starring as a married couple, I doubt this film would have gotten made. It’s so self-indulgent and somewhat pretentious. His character dies early on and comes back to haunt their home in a flowing white sheet with 2 eye holes. Other hints that this was a hollow exercise in art: the screen format is square with rounded edges and every scene unfolds with a sloooow pace and usually static camera (the worst is watching her eat a pie in wide shots for at least 5 minutes). In case you hadn’t figured it out, this is NOT a horror movie. It’s not that kind of spectre, but a lonely soul on an existential journey. I’ll concede that the plot is original and ultimately “haunting,” but the pain leading up to it will only appeal to those who like pensive reflections on life, love and eternity.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


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