After Earth (Review)

After Earth (Review)
After Earth (Review)
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Two upfront signs this is doomed: 1. Story by Will Smith (so u know it’ll be self-indulgent). 2. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan (hasn’t had a hit since “Sixth Sense”). Smith casts himself as the closed-off commander on a space mission with his real-life son (Jaden) as the young soldier who must traverse a hostile planet to save the day (2 casting mistakes). Papa has never been known for his acting skills (he can’t) and son’s performance comes exclusively from his wrinkled brow. Among the stupid future anomalies: 1. the only weapon is a sword 2. painkillers still make u drowsy. The dialogue is painfully slow and stupid. Even the effects aren’t special. A better title might have been “Dumb & Dumber.”


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  1. I didn’t plan to see After Earth. However, this makes me want to see how bad it is. In particular, I’m interested in the wrinkled brow acting method. Thank you for the review!

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