Airline Highway (review)

Airline Highway (review)
Airline Highway (review)
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THE PLAY: A chosen family of fuckups gathers in the parking lot of the Hummingbird Motel in New Orleans (where most of them live) to celebrate the eminent death of their matriarch.


THE PRODUCTION: That’s pretty much the entire plot. As opposed to a standard story, this is a group character study that features a melting pot of unique individuals. Fortunately, this excellent cast creates a dynamic ensemble (notable performances include Andew Frida, Emma Orelove, Susan Sanford and Anthony Wright). Director Laine Satterfield has masterfully crafted a quirky community and given them verve with overlapping dialogue and genuine interactions. Kate Field’s set is dominated by a delightfully dilapidated 2-story hotel.  Emily Tappan has crafted a melee of funky mismatched costumes and sprinkled in some show outfits for extra dazzle. Running time: 2:05


THE POINT: This is more an experience than a traditional narrative: An opportunity to meet a community of unique and interesting characters created by a big easy ensemble.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


At Virginia Rep’s November Theatre thru 2/12


Click here to hear the director talk about her all-girl team in this video.





Kat Collin & Emma Orelove (Photos by Aaron Sutten)


  1. I wish you always would name the playwright in your reviews. Without the writer there would be no play. Please give the playwrights the credit they deserve.
    Airline Highway is an American play, written by Lisa D’Amour. Commissioned by the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, the play made its Broadway debut in April 2015.

    • Spoken (or should I say written) like a true writer. I include links to the production in my reviews, so readers can read more about the play, the cast and, yes, the playwright. I sometimes mention the writer if it’s relevant, but otherwise try to keep the reviews succinct.

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