All Girls (Review)

All Girls (Review)
All Girls (Review)
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THE PLAY: Stage B produces work for/about Generation Y (see their website for details). This play examines the feminine dynamic, friendship and truth thru the interaction of three 13-year old girls and 1 mom. It’s a theater exercise with a structural surprise.


THE PRODUCTION: The four-person cast has the enthusiasm and skill of an solid experimental college production. This translates into lots of energy and performances that are sometimes over-enthusiastic or forced. The actors’ level of sophistication belies the fact that they’re supposed to be barely teens, but they create clear, interesting characters (Lauren Davis provides enjoyable comic moments). Director Lucian Restivo stages the show effectively, but could have encouraged a bit more subtlety from his cast. The stage is essentially bare, but the lighting adds occasional accents.


THE POINT: If you like edgy and experimental, this competent production might work for you.


Theater website.

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