American Pastoral (review)

American Pastoral (review)
American Pastoral (review)
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Ewan McGregor directed and takes the lead as the happy husband (to Jennifer Connelly). He finds his life upended when his daughter (Dakota Fanning) becomes radicalized by her opposition to the Vietnam War and possibly commits a deadly crime. I haven’t read the Philip Roth novel, but it it’s anything like the film, it’s a bleak downer. While the performances are earnest (and that’s not necessarily a positive), the leaden pace and extended misfortune just drags it into agony…and not the good kind. McGregor takes himself and the film seriously, but the flatness and extended length of the film never elevates it to any sort of compelling drama.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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  1. By coincidence I just finished reading American Pastoral. Great book! Maybe just not a good choice to make into a movie.

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