An American Pickle (review)

An American Pickle (review)
An American Pickle (review)
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Seth Rogen plays 2 characters: Herschel, an immigrant to America in 1919 and Ben, his great grandson. During his job in a pickle factory Herschel tumbles into a vat and instead of dying, he’s preserved for 100 years in the brine. When he wakes in modern Brooklyn, he discovers Ben as (what else?) an app developer. This could have led to an entertaining contrast in characters and centuries as they learn to live together. Instead, the narrative chooses to place them at odds with each other, while struggling to deliver a warm message about familial love and support. Bosh! This is supposed to be a comedy, but there are few laffs. Some of the situations had potential, but the movie always falls back on the emotional focus and loses any possibility for satire or fun. Rogen does an acceptable job with both characters, although neither strays far from his usual schtick. This is a completely failed attempt to make a promisingly clever scenario funny.


1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)


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