American Ultra (review)

American Ultra (review)
American Ultra (review)
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This is one of those flix where the trailer makes it look like a comedy with action. Truth: it’s a few fights with almost no laffs. Jesse Eisenberg plays a stoner who lives in a small town with his girl (Kristen Stewart). Turns out he’s a sleeper agent, who’s highly lethal skills are awakened when the CIA agent mounts a campaign to eliminate him (why was never clear). The plot is basically simple, but the details convoluted. It’s really about watching Eisenberg go the action hero route, which he does with his typical confused, wimpy personality. The fights have an ultra-violent edge, but in a quick cartoon style that minimizes the impact. Unfortunately, the talky scenes are slow and lack any interest. It’s not a total disappointment, but not especially cool, funny or edgy either.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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