An Oak Tree (review)

An Oak Tree (review)
An Oak Tree (review)
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THE PLAY: This unique experience features one actor who guides the production and a 2nd guest actor, who has never read or seen the play. It’s placed in the framework of a hypnotism show, which also brings out an underlying tragedy.


THE PRODUCTION: Since Landon Nagel is the only on-stage constant, his performance is foremost. And it’s a superlative tour de force that goes from amusing arrogance to anguished agony in an instant. He also maintains perfect focus on the bigger picture, dropping character to give the other actor instructions. This play is as much about process as it is about story. The encounter behind the tragedy offers glimpses of dramatic power, but it’s fascinating to watch the new actor handle the revelations about his/her character. It’s also fun to discover how the entire process will develop. On the night I saw the show, Aaron Anderson took on the guest challenge with spectacular skill and quiet confidence. Director Mark J. Lerman has skillfully guided Nagel thru this multi-layered feat, while making the mechanics of the process smooth and interesting. The tech is relatively basic, with the exception of Robbie Kinter’s sound design, which adds depth to the drama. Running time: 1:10


In addition to Anderson, the guest actors are:

(They are not announced until they show up on stage)

Brandon Carter

Audra Honaker

Boomie Pederson

Tawyya Pettiford-Waites

Alan Sader

Foster Solomon

Tyler Stevens

If you’d like to see other actors in the guest role, paying $20 entitles you to see as many of the remaining productions as you want.


THE POINT: Not only is this a fascinating concept that’s beautifully realized, Nagel’s singular performance is a multilevel masterpiece.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


At Firehouse Theatre thru 4/15.



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