Angel has Fallen (review)

Angel has Fallen (review)
Angel has Fallen (review)
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This is the 3rd time that Gerard Butler has played a Secret Service agent defying all odds to save our President (Aaron Eckhart in the first 2, with Morgan Freeman this time). After Butler’s character is framed for attempting to assassinate the President, he must elude capture while sussing out the true culprit. This excerpt from my review of the previous film still works:

Check your mind at the door and just enjoy an almost non-stop string of well-staged action encounters. Even though plausibility is in short supply and predictability abounds, Butler’s seemingly superhuman ability and gung ho attitude power thru the ridiculous odds. It rips along with few pauses for drama and a boundless body count.

In addition, this movie gets its heart and humor from Nick Nolte’s crusty comic comments. With almost continuous action (despite the chaos cutting which makes it hard to tell what’s happening), this is definitely a big fun by-the-numbers action flick.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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