Ann (review)

Ann (review)
Ann (review)
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THE PLAY: This one-woman portrait of famed Texas governor Ann Richards showcases her passion for politics and equality, as well as her steely personality and sense of humor.


THE PRODUCTION: Richards’ story is framed around a commencement speech. It includes an extended segment at the Governor’s desk dealing with all types of issues, while rolling calls that give insight into her style as an executive and a parent. Jacqueline Jones once again uses her considerable acting skills and innate comic timing to create a memorable performance. (Erica Hughes and Patricia Alli add offstage voices). Director Billy Christopher Maupin has kept the staging simple to allow Jones’ talent to shine thru. Todd Labelle’s design is basic but effective: A podium, the desk and a chair framed by 2 flags and pools of light to focus the action. Luckily, all of this simplicity worked well for the streaming version, which Artistic Director Joel Bassin characterized as a “faint long distance transmitted echo of the live performance.” Even with a slight audio delay and a few buffering moments, the presentation transcended any online issues. Running time: 1:10


THE POINT: Jacqueline Jones embodies this feisty character with pluck and charm. She’s completely captivating and highly entertaining (not to mention addressing subjects that are highly relevant going into this election).


4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


At Firehouse thru 10/25


Photography by Bill Sigafoos

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  1. Casting Jackie Jones as Ann Richards is brilliant. Can’t wait to watch this.

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