Anomalisa (review)

Anomalisa (review)
Anomalisa (review)
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Charlie Kaufman is known for screenplays that take an unusual approach to cinematic storytelling. His latest (which he also co-directed) expands those boundaries again. It centers around an author who’s lost his inspiration in life. While visiting Cincinnati for a lecture, he meets a young woman who changes his outlook. Now the twist: Stage it in stop-motion animation using eerily human-looking felt puppets. Technically, it’s brilliantly realized and fascinating to watch, right down to the subtle facial expressions. As for entertainment value, it slows to tedium about half way thru. Just because it’s animated is no excuse for the self-indulgent pacing. This would have been a incredible short, but the conceptual gimmick can’t make up for the tedious length.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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