Arrival (review)

Arrival (review)
Arrival (review)
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The aliens have returned. This time in cool-looking, mysterious crafts that hover above the earth in 12 places. Amy Adams is the expert linguist (with a troubled past?) who’s brought in to try to establish communications with the mysterious creatures. This film’s concepts for otherworldly design are intriguing, but after seeing the film, the reason for their visit is still hazy. While there’s lots of enticing set up, the proceedings move slowly to a repetitive and frustrating crawl before it’s over. To make matters worse, the ending may leave you flummoxed. (Some internet research helped explain it.) While the premise is certainly fascinating, the dwindling pace and lack of much tension results in a less-than-satisfying outcome to this untraditional, cerebral extraterrestrial narrative.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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