Art films and the Redskins

Art films and the Redskins
Art films and the Redskins
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Frankly, I was worried for the Criterion Cinema after it opened late December. Every time I went, it was empty or almost empty. According to General Manager Brenda Williams biz has doubled since then (she declined to give me specifics).


As she pointed out, “It’s all about product. The films that are the most successful are marketed or are part of our Doc Week. They often do better in the 2nd week, once people start realizing they’re there.” Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t make it that long, but the website lists upcoming attractions so you can plan ahead. You can also buy tix for the Doc Week films in advance and there are synopsis sheets at the Service Desk and Box Office.


The curtain wall in Criterion 1 and 4 goes up between shows.


Although the Movieland  and Criterion pages are separate on the Bow Tie website, they will be merged once the newly-acquired Clearview Cinemas is fully integrated into the system.


As for the coming Redskins invasion, Movieland is providing some parking in the lot closest to the camp and they’ll have attendants to make sure that movie patrons don’t get crowded out. As a courtesy, Redskins fans who park in their lot can use their bathrooms and concessions.


Their loyalty program will be expanded soon (she couldn’t divulge details), but the big news is that you no longer need a Criterion Card for the Tuesday discounts. It’s Bargain Day and everybody gets in for $6 (and a bucket of popcorn is only $5).


The lobby.


Brenda loves to support local filmmakers (like the recent “Antihero” screening) and encourages others to show their films there. Some people don’t know what the building is, but it’s growing by word of mouth every day.” And from my often exclusive Richmond reviews.


Personal tip for the Criterion films: get there early, the best seats are in the back 2 rows.

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