Art of Murder (review)

Art of Murder (review)
Art of Murder (review)
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THE PLAY: An arrogant artist, his unhappy wife, their art dealer and the maid. Somebody’s gonna die.


THE PRODUCTION: With only 4 people in the cast, it’s vital to have good actors. This cast handles the task pretty well, with Emily Turner turning in the most genuine performance. Aaron Willoughby’s artist was convincingly obnoxious and Charlotte Topp’s maid handled the accent well. As the dealer, D.C. Hopkins landed the punch lines, but his effusive style veers into overacting. Director Zachary Owen could have reigned him in (and to a lesser extent, Willoughby). In Act Two, the plot’s logic is strained and any suspense is replaced with talk, but Owen manages to keep the pace up. Elizabeth Allmon’s living room set is filled with a variety of artwork. Running time: 1:45


THE POINT: This mystery’s twists are handled with a solid pace and a mostly capable cast.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


At CAT thru 10/12


D.C. Hopkins and Emily Turner (Photos by Ellie Wilder)

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