Artsies Announced

Artsies Announced
Artsies Announced
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Here are the recipients IN BOLD of the 12th Annual Richmond Theatre Critcs Circle Award (the nominees are also listed).

Check back Monday afternoon for my video recap.


Best Musical: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, TheatreLAB

Grey Gardens, Richmond Triangle Players (RTP)

Once, Virginia Repertory Theatre (Virginia Rep)

Sondheim on Sondheim, RTP

The Wiz, Virginia Rep


Best Direction (Musical): Deejay Gray, Sweeney Todd

Kikau Alvaro, The Wiz

Debra Clinton, Grey Gardens

Nathaniel Shaw, Once

Tom Width, Bright Star, Swift Creek Mill Theatre


Best Actor (Musical): Alexander Sapp, Sweeney Todd

Paul Major, Gutenberg! The Musical!, Quill Theatre

Ken Allen Neely, Once

Cooper Sved, Girlfriend, RTP

Robert Throckmorton, Miss Gulch Returns, RTP


Best Actress (Musical): Susan Sanford, Grey Gardens

Bianca Bryan, Sweeney Todd

Felicia Curry, Sister Act, Virginia Rep

Katherine Fried, Once

Desiree Roots, The Wiz


Best Supporting Actor (Musical): Brandon LaReau, The Wiz

Trevor Lindley Craft, Once

Dylan Jackson, The Wiz

Matt Polson, Sweeney Todd

Matt Shofner, Sweeney Todd


Best Supporting Actress (Musical): Audra Honaker, Sweeney Todd

Kelsey Cordrey, Sister Act

Grey Garrett, Grey Gardens

Jessi Johnson, The Wiz

Gwynne Wood, Sister Act


Best Musical Direction: JS Fauquet, Sweeney Todd

Paul Deiss, Bright Star

Starlet Knight, Lizzie the Musical, 5th Wall Theatre (5th Wall)

Anthony Smith, The Wiz

Michael Zygo, Once


Best Choreography: Kikau Alvaro, The Wiz

Kikau Alvaro, Atlantis, Virginia Rep

Nicole Morris-Anastasi, Dance Nation, TheatreLAB

Nathaniel Shaw, Once

Megan Tatum, Bright Star


Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design (Musical):

Alex Valentin, Lizzie AND Jeanne Nugent, The Wiz

Maura Lynch Cravey, Bright Star

Ruth Hedberg, Sweeney Todd

Ruth Hedberg, Grey Gardens


Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Design (Musical): Michael Jarett, Sweeney Todd

Paul Black, The Wiz

Erin Barclay, Lizzie

Joe Doran, Once

BJ Wilkinson, Atlantis


Outstanding Achievement in Set Design (Musical): Jason Sherwood, Atlantis

William James Mahoney, Once

Kimberly V. Powers, The Wiz

Chris Raintree, Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Tom Width, 1940s Radio Christmas Carol


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design (Musical): Joey Luck, Sweeney Todd

Derek Dumais, Once

Derek Dumais, Forever Plaid, Virginia Rep

Joey Luck, Sondheim on Sondheim

Joey Luck, Lizzie


Best Play:

The Laramie Project, RTP AND Gloria, Cadence Theatre in partnership with Virginia Rep

Dance Nation, TheatreLAB

An Octoroon, TheatreLAB

Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England, RTP


Best Direction (Play): Lucian Restivo, The Laramie Project

Chelsey Burke, The Taming of the Shrew, Quill

Anna Senechal Johnson, Gloria

Tawnya Pettiford-Wates, An Octoroon

Carol Piersol, Pretty Fire, 5th Wall


Best Actor (Play): Jamar Jones, An Octoroon

Jamar Jones, Red Velvet, Quill

Michael Manocchio, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Virginia Rep

Matt Polson, Gloria

David Emerson Toney, Between Riverside and Crazy, Cadence

Scott Wichmann, Talk Radio, 5th Wall


Best Actress (Play): Haliya Roberts, Pretty Fire

Bianca Bryan, The Taming of the Shrew

Kimberly Jones Clark, Who’s Holiday, RTP

Eva DeVirgilis, In My Chair, Cadence

Katrinah Carol Lewis, A Doll’s House, TheatreLAB


Best Supporting Actor (Play): Jeremy V. Morris, Oedipus: A Gospel Myth (Firehouse)

Jeff Clevenger, Broadway Bound, Virginia Rep

Cole Metz, An Octoroon

Stevie Rice, Red Velvet

Adam Turck, The Tempest, Quill


Best Supporting Actress (Play): Amber Marie Martinez, Dance Nation

Rachel Dilliplane, Red Velvet

Anne Michelle Forbes, Gloria

Donna Marie Miller, The Game’s Afoot: Holmes for the Holidays, Virginia Rep

Jill Bari Steinberg, Broadway Bound


Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design (Play): Sue Griffin, The Game’s Afoot

Nia Safarr Banks, An Octoroon

Maura Lynch Cravey, Savannah Sipping Society

Cora Delbridge, Red Velvet

Ruth Hedberg, A Doll’s House


Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Design (Play): BJ Wilkinson, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Andrew Bonniwell, Songs from Bedlam, Firehouse

Joe Doran, Count Dracula, Swift Creek Mill

Michael Jarett, The Laramie Project

Michael Jarett, Dance Nation


Outstanding Achievement in Set Design (Play): Chris Raintree, Songs from Bedlam

Vinnie Gonzalez, Oedipus: A Gospel Myth

Rich Mason, Gloria

Terrie Powers, Broadway Bound

Lucian Resitvo, The Laramie Project

TJ Spensieri, Talk Radio


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design (Play): Roger Price, Talk Radio

Ryan Dygert, Songs from Bedlam

Derek Dumais, The Game’s Afoot

Robbie Kinter, In My Chair

Joey Luck, Dance Nation


Ernie McClintock Best Ensemble Acting: The Laramie Project, RTP

Dance Nation, TheatreLAB

Gloria, Cadence

Forever Plaid, Virginia Rep

Once, Virginia Rep


Promising Newcomer: Joel Ashur, Gloria

Lucy Caudle, Atlantis

Annella Kaine, The Laramie Project

Trinitee Pearson, An Octoroon and Dance Nation

Gwynne Wood, Sister Act


Best Original Work: In My Chair by Eva DeVirgilis (Cadence in partnership with Virginia Rep)

Animal Control by Chandler Hubbard, Firehouse

Wrong Chopped by Dixon Cashwell and Levi Meerovich, Firehouse



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