Atomic Blonde (review)

Atomic Blonde (review)
Atomic Blonde (review)
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David Leitch also directed “John Wick” and his skill with action, especially hand-to-hand fights, is ramped up here. An alluring Charlize Theron plays a cool, beautiful, tough MI6 agent who’s sent to recover a sensitive document in Berlin around the time of the wall’s collapse. She teams up with James McAvoy, but more importantly, takes on dozens of men with painful blows and whatever object she can use as a weapon. The fight sequences are brutally forceful and even better, there’s no blurry camerawork and flashy editing to hide the hard stunt work. It’s all staggeringly evident. Meanwhile, the film enjoys a colorful 80s neon noir look and the period tunes provide a jammin’ soundtrack. The rather conventional plot keeps turning on itself (as spies often do) and that becomes a bit much. This film is all about the well-staged chases and fierce fights.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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