I’ll Be Back Before Midnight (review)

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight (review)
I’ll Be Back Before Midnight (review)
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THE PLAY: A husband and his extremely anxious wife travel to a secluded cabin in an effort to revive their relationship, only to find their visit upset by a neighbor and a relative.


THE PRODUCTION: Anyone who’s seen a suspense film in the last 30 years has seen all of the tropes presented in this mystery/comedy, which sadly lacks much of either. In an effort to ramp up the humor, director Stephen Ryan has attempted overdone flourishes (that hair whip is the worst example). While there are creepy overtones to the characters, the actors overplay at every turn. If we could accept them as real people, the tension might have been effective, but the performances don’t work on any level. Some of Alan Armstrong’s lighting is effective, but in an attempt to add frights, director Ryan has infused the show with abrupt light cues and overblown music that’s just jarring. Eric Kinder has created an attractive, nicely-detailed country cabin (with the exception of the kitchen, which is just a cinderblock wall). (Running time: 1:55)


THE POINT: The script is bewildering and misguided, but most shocking are the clumsy performances and ham-fisted direction.


1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)


At CAT Theatre thru 10/29.



Katherine Wright, Nicole Morris, Adrian Grantz, Bill Blair (Photos by Daryll Morgan)

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