Bad Jews (review)

Bad Jews (review)
Bad Jews (review)
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THE PLAY: Family and faith are explored when three cousins come together after their grandfather’s funeral. Conflict clashes between the most fervently Jewish of the trio and her less devoted cousin.


THE PRODUCTION: This production hits the ground running. As her character requires, Kelsey Cordrey dominates the stage with force and assured comic delivery. Evan Nasteff brings the conflict to a frantic pitch, while little brother Ethan Malamud is a bit overplayed as he attempts to avoid the fray. Catherine Carol Walker (as the shiksa girlfriend) amusingly captures the shock of an outsider to the constant verbal brawl. The overwrought dialogue is matched by the frenetic pace and heavily-blocked direction of Debra Clinton. It romps along with bravura until it drags slightly when the message takes over and lacks a forceful punch. Michael Todd has styled a comfortable creation of an exposed-brick apartment, while Michael Jarett’s lighting is flat and harsh.


THE POINT: This biting comedy tries too hard, but still hits with frenetic force thanks to the robust ensemble.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


A TheatreLAB production at The Basement thru 3/5




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(L-R) Evan Nasteff, Catherine Carol Walker, Kelsey Cordrey, Ethan Malamud (Photo by Birgitte Dodd Tingley)

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