bare: a pop opera (Review)

bare: a pop opera (Review)
bare: a pop opera (Review)
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THE PLAY: Drama at a Catholic boarding school: 2 boys struggle with their love for each other, while other students fight their own battles. It’s truly an opera with little dialogue and numerous rock-style songs.


THE PRODUCTION: There’s a heart-felt sincerity that comes from a young cast and this production is positively packed with genuine emotion and youthful energy. While the voices and performances are uniformly strong, Kelsey Cordrey’s is a standout. Chloe Williams (Sister Chantelle) succeeds in bringing some well-needed humor. The set/costumes do the job, while the lighting is sometimes dynamic and other times leaves the actors in dark spots. Act One’s plot is a bit unclear (hard to follow the lyrics in the ensemble numbers). Act Two redeems it with powerful dramatic force and truly touching emotion (I heard lots of sobs around me). Director/choreographer Justin Amellio has staged the ensemble with lively vigor, while harnessing the dramatic power of a strong ensemble.


THE POINT: While the plot is crammed with adolescent angst, the show is powerfully performed and genuinely moving.






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