Beatriz at Dinner (review)

Beatriz at Dinner (review)
Beatriz at Dinner (review)
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Salma Hayek stars as a healer with New Age tendencies. On the opposite side, John Lithgow plays a successful, highly arrogant real estate developer. When they end up at the same upscale dinner party, the conflict between their values results in awkward confrontations. The story starts with this intriguing premise, but the dismissive attitudes of the rich folks and Beatriz’s tiresome sincerity fill the arguments with too much message. All the performances are enjoyable and the interactions are well played, but instead of an inspiring idealist, Hayek’s character becomes an annoying bummer. Some call this a sharp political satire, but it’s not even mildly funny. I started out liking it, but by the end, I hated it.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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