Big Eyes (review)

Big Eyes (review)
Big Eyes (review)
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In the early 60s, Keane paintings of pitiful waifs were all the rage. Turns out that Margaret (Amy Adams) painted them, but her charismatic husband (Christoph Waltz) took the credit. He also revolutionized the commercialization of popular art. Their first happy, then tumultuous marriage takes a repetitive long time to get to the courtroom showdown, which also goes on too long. Adams turns this halting, insecure character into a nuanced and compelling performance. Director Tim Burton minimized the bizarre flourishes expected from his work, to tell a straightforward narrative. While it’s a fascinating story and Adams is worth the ticket, the film feels more like an informative historical replay, than a moving personal drama. NOTE: Look for the real Margaret in a conspicious cameo on a park bench behind Adam’s easel in an early scene.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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