Birds of Passage (review)

Birds of Passage (review)
Birds of Passage (review)
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This unusual narrative chronicles the genesis of the Colombian drug trade, but not in the style or period of the mighty drug lords from the 80s. This goes back to the late 60s and explores how the marijuana trade started among the Wayúu people. These indigenous tribes are steeped in sacred traditions and mythical culture, so their embrace of this new commercial endeavor is gradual and destructive. Instead of being loaded with drug movie tropes (although there is some of that), this film is an intimate examination of how a tribe, especially one family, is affected. It moves at an unhurried pace, basking in the customs of this world. Although there are dramatic events, their reactions are more resigned to tragedy instead of grand emotion. This film presents a fascinating look at a little-known world and does it with a measured style that’s gently compelling and quietly artistic. In Spanish and Wayúu with subtitles. (Criterion Cinemas only)


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


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