Birth of the Dragon (review)

Birth of the Dragon (review)
Birth of the Dragon (review)
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This is not another Bruce Lee biopic, but a narrative that focuses on one seminal event. When he was just starting to get noticed, Lee was frowned upon by traditional martial arts artists because he taught non-Chinese. As a result, a great kung fu master traveled from China to California to challenge him. The fight scenes are skillfully choreographed, but there’s nothing skillful about the plodding plot between them. The dialogue is written on a level below the prosaic style of a Lifetime movie. Adding a major Caucasian character to the mix is a ridiculous attempt at widening the film’s audience. If you’re just interested in hand-to-hand (and legs) combat, you won’t be disappointed. But if you’re looking for insight into Lee, this embarrassingly-written movie won’t provide much.


1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)


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