Black Panther (review)

Black Panther (review)
Black Panther (review)
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Sure, the highly-publicized aspects of this film are innovative: an almost all-black cast from a rich, technologically advanced African country, the fierce female warriors and the villain who has close ties to the good guys. But what was most impressive cinematically was the magnificent art direction: the imaginary locations are spectacular, the sci fi elements are cool and the Afro-influenced costumes are fantastic. The surprise was how much drama is involved. Sure, there are the requisite action scenes, but there’s a lot of talk about pride, moral responsibility and other lofty subjects. The cast is loaded with top notch actors, who turn in serious, dedicated performances. Ryan Coogler is one of the most promising directors today and he’s brought his socially conscious vision to bear, while still managing to entertain. (As usual, stay thru the credits for a coda, then a teaser.)


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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