Book of Mormon (review)

Book of Mormon (review)
Book of Mormon (review)
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THE PLAY: Two Mormon elders are challenged when their missionary assignment takes them to an austere village in Uganda. The “South Park” guys (along with the “Avenue Q” creator) have penned a lively musical with their signature brand of outrageous humor.


THE PRODUCTION: This is Broadway at it’s most fun. The cast is sharp and energetic (Cody Jamison Strand maximizes his character’s laughs and the Cartman similarities). The production is quick and slick with cultural references and inventive staging adding to the spoofs. Despite the dollars thrown at this facility, lots of the punch line lyrics are lost in the muddy vocal mix. If you’re easily shocked, you may fail to see the humor in this show’s crude and crass comedy, shameless satire and outrageous irreverence for everything (sexual, racial, political and religious). Otherwise, you’re in for a raucous good time. Interestingly, the Mormons have bought 3 full-page ads in the program and their folks are standing outside with their modern brand message.


THE POINT: If you enjoy crude, crass satire in a clever, lively package you’ll be in for lots of musical fun.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


At the Altria Theater thru 11/9



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