The Book Thief (Review)

The Book Thief (Review)
The Book Thief (Review)
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This is one of those trying-to-be-touching stories about a child growing up during war. This time it’s a 9 year-old girl, who is adopted by new parents (Geoffrey Rush & Emily Watson) in Nazi Germany. She develops a love of books and shares it with the Jew hidden in the basement (isn’t there always one?). The deliberate pacing means that it often takes too long for scenes to develop. There’s a constant sense of dread, but never much real drama. So many plot points are predictable and the whole things feels manipulative in a Hallmark Movie of the Week style. While it’s competently made, it’s slight on emotional impact. On a side note: It also observes one of those silly Hollywood traditions. The people are all supposed to be German, but they speak English with a German accent (and a few actual German words are sprinkled about).


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