Borat Subsequent Movie Film (review)

Borat Subsequent Movie Film (review)
Borat Subsequent Movie Film (review)
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Sacha Baron Cohen’s hilarious Kazakh TV host made his first visit to the US 14 years ago. This sequel brings him back with his daughter for more satirical wackiness, which sometimes involves him assuming even more absurd disguises. This outing tries to be as outrageous or shocking as the original and even though it sometime succeeds, it’s seldom as funny. Also, many of the scenarios are so obviously staged that the deadpan reactions of his victims lose their astonishment. The attempts at family warmth just aren’t necessary. I don’t know if we’re more jaded now or if the impact is less effective, but even without as many laffs, there’s still plenty of offensive and extreme fun to be had.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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