Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign (review)

Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign (review)
Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign (review)
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THE PLAY: This is based on the titular starlet who committed suicide by jumping off the (also) titular sign. It’s not really a narrative, but a string of songs featuring seminal people in her life.


THE PRODUCTION: Songwriter Dory Previn was known for her cleverly ironic and wonderfully witty lyrics. Since there’s no dialogue and no discernible plot, each actor gets “character moments” that are filled with quiet insights and uniformly outstanding singing. To make it more endearing, there are no microphones, so you can appreciate the voices and the words on a personal level. Although the entire cast is strong, Matt Polson turns every one of his moments into a delight of subtle timing and impish fun. Director George Boyd has kept the staging minimal (they mostly just stand or sit on stools) but Nicole Foret Oh has added a touch of simple, enjoyable choreography. Starlet Knight and Steve Belvin provide able accompaniment. While there’s no set, the lights are in pools that sometimes slight full illumination of the performers. Running time: 1:15


THE POINT: Although more a collection of clever songs than a narrative musical, this wonderful cast performs them beautifully, while inhabiting their characters, sometimes with touching depth.


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


At Firehouse Theatre thru 12/16




Dan Cimo_Rachel Rose Gilmour_Kelsey Cordrey, Jessi Johnson, Matt Polson, Stevie Rice

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