The Grand Budapest Hotel (Review)

The Grand Budapest Hotel (Review)
The Grand Budapest Hotel (Review)
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Wes Anderson movies are like a lovingly-stocked curio cabinet: engaging to look at and fascinating to marvel about. Ralph Fiennes heads up the cast of zany eccentrics as the concierge of the titular establishment. He includes the new Lobby Boy on his escapades, which include stealing a painting, escaping from prison and eluding the invading forces. Visually, this is a symmetrical delight: the locations are gorgeous and the detail is exquisite. The deadpan dialogue and comical staging keeps the pacing on its toes. If you enjoy cinema that’s more about form than content, you’ll find this hotel a lovely place to visit. Stay thru the credits to enjoy an animated man dancing to a delightful song. 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


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