Cabaret (review)

Cabaret (review)
Cabaret (review)
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THE PLAY: We’ll assume everyone knows the classic “Cabaret” about a young American discovering decadent Berlin in the 20s. This staging is based on the re-imagined version by Sam Mendes with a leaner, more focused storyline and more dramatic hand.


THE PRODUCTION: It’s obvious that this production was directed/choreographed with an exacting focus, because Penny Ayn Maas (who was in the New York production) has crafted every moment with skill and authority. Her cast meets her demands. As the emcee, Chris Hester smiles, slithers and seduces with a vigor that takes his career to new levels. Nicole Foret Oberrleitner as Sally Bowles, uses her strong voice and assured presence to create a neurotic, charismatic charmer (her version of the title song is momentous). More prominently featured in this version is the old couple (Jeanie Rule & Doug Schneider), who are the emotional heart of the show and it’s touching, standout performances. The set/lighting/costumes all make striking statements without distracting from the story.


THE POINT: This imaginative, impressive re-staging is first a naughty delight, then a powerful drama.


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


At Richmond Triangle Players thru 7/19



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