The Call of the Wild (review)

The Call of the Wild (review)
The Call of the Wild (review)
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Even though Harrison Ford is billed as the star, his story doesn’t start until an hour into the movie. First, we watch the protagonist pooch get kidnapped and transported to Gold Rush Alaska, where he’s conscripted into a sled dog team to deliver the mail. None of this matters because the script is so excessively precious and corny. Making matters SO much worse is the horribly computerized canine creation. Not only do they anthropomorphize him to an absurd degree, but they have him doing things that no dog could ever intuit, much less perform. I’d say the scenery is beautiful, but not sure how much of that is computer generated either. Children (who can be less discriminating) will probably enjoy the oversized emotions, minimal grittiness and sweet canine star, but author of the novel Jack London must be rolling over…and I mean that as a dog trick.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


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