Carol Piersol’s new venture

Carol Piersol’s new venture
Carol Piersol’s new venture
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Carol Piersol and Billy Christopher Maupin have launched a new theatre company, 5th Wall Theatre. The first season includes:


H2O (the 2nd production of Jane Martin’s play): 9/4 – 27 at Virginia Rep’s Theatre Gym


The Lyons (Nicky Silver’sdark comedy): 1/15 – 2/7


The Human Terrain (the 2nd production of emerging playwright Jennifer Blackmer’s play): 3/19 – 4/9



The theatre’s board of directors:

GeorgeAnn Broth

Joe Walton

Don Baker

Lisa Kotula

Jacob H. Rooksby

Stacie Birchett

Stuart A. Broth

Harry Kollatz, Jr

Dennis Lieberman

Sara Marsden

Billy Christopher Maupin

Carol Piersol

Lorraine Tracy

Pat Vastano

Vivian Keasler

Amy Wight

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