Carrie The Musical (review)

Carrie The Musical (review)
Carrie The Musical (review)
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THE PLAY: Carrie is a high school senior who’s sheltered by her mom and ridiculed by her peers until her anger gives rise to telekinetic powers. Among the writers’ credits are songs from “Footloose” and “Fame.”


THE PRODUCTION: Director Billy Christopher created a challenge when he decided to stage the show with the audience on 3 sides and NOT to mic the actors. As a result, this mostly young cast doesn’t have the vocal heft to project in all directions over the 3-piece band. (This also meant that the cross “moment” was lost from some angles.) The are uniformly lovely voices, when you can hear them. Although the ensemble is energetic, the performances lack an expressive core that would have given the drama emotional impact. As mother and daughter, Brittany Simmons and Andrea Rivette never spark a conflict, while Sean Dunavant lacks the swagger to be the story’s hunky heartthrob. The show’s lighting effects were diluted by opening night glitches, while the suggestion of cinderblock rubble added minimal visual support.


THE POINT: Despite the sketchy script, the musical numbers are effective when you can hear the singers. However, the challenging staging and lack of emotional drama dilute the show’s potential.


2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)


A 5th Wall production at RVA Event Space thru 8/8


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