Carrie (Review)

Carrie (Review)
Carrie (Review)
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Chloe Moretz is the new age-appropriate teenager with telekinetic powers and Julianne Moore plays her deeply disturbed, uber-religious mother. The plot pretty much follows the original DePalma classic with the addition of cell phones and the internet. What it lacks is any soul. Everything leading up to the big prom scene is uninteresting and even her blood-soaked reprisal lacks originality or flash (despite the fire). The performances are all uninspired…as a matter of fact, the whole bloody movie is anemic and downright dull.


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  1. Don’t think I’ll be seeing this one.

  2. Wise decision, Mr Gard. If you haven’t seen Gravity, go! If you have, I’m looking forward to 12 Years a Slave which opened today.

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