Cash on Delivery (review)

Cash on Delivery (review)
Cash on Delivery (review)
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THE PLAY: A man who’s scamming Britain’s social support system invents ever more implausible lies to keep his deception from being exposed.


THE PRODUCTION: Playwright Michael Cooney is the son of Ray, who’s penned several successful farces. His son’s effort features the familiar scenario: a escalation of confused stories and mistaken identities that spiral into wacky mayhem. The only difference is that this play seems more mired in dialogue without as much of the zany physical comedy to make it fun. Despite that, the cast musters plenty of verve (sometimes too much) with Richard Koch working hardest and Kenneth Putnam’s expertly-timed reactions bringing the most joy. Despite director Tom Width’s typically brisk pace, this show has moments that lag, especially the early exposition. His set is a charming cottage in shades of blue. Running time: 2:11


THE POINT: This enthusiastic cast never lags on energy, but the play doesn’t offer as many opportunities for madcap mirth as their gusto supports.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


At Swift Creek Mill Theatre thru 6/24




The cast. (Photos by Robyn O’Neill)

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