Blancanieves  (review)

Blancanieves (review)

The title means Snow White in Spanish, so there’s the plot. It’s set in the early 20th century world of bull fighting, but the big twist: it’s in black and white and silent (except for the musical soundtrack and some intertitles). The cinematography is rich and there are period cinematic elements (overlapping images, gimmicky transitions). In an effort to create this stylized app... »

42  (review)

42 (review)

The new Jackie Robinson biopic is earnest and sometimes succeeds. »

Place Beyond the Pines  (review)

Place Beyond the Pines (review)

R. Gosling and B. Cooper are just 2 reasons to see this compelling drama. »

Trance  (review)

Trance (review)

Hypnosis & an art heist are only the groundwork for this confusing yet cool film. »

Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Just when I finished reading the 30+ page TIME article about our broken medical system, I go see this movie. It’s a very verite look at a public hospital’s ER department. People spend hours, even days, waiting for medical help (more like a free clinic that an ER). Most of them don’t have insurance and many don’t have jobs. Meanwhile, the staff patiently and empathetically t... »

Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Steve Carell plays the title character, a flashy Vegas magician. His career crashes after he splits with his partner (Steve Buscemi). That means he must struggle to make the predictable rebirth. Although Carell is sometimes funny, his character isn’t likable, which makes it hard to care about him. Buscemi adds nothing and Jim Carrey (as the hot new competition) is uncomfortably weird. No mat... »

Local actor plays sports reporter (Video 2:42)

Local actor plays sports reporter (Video 2:42)

Joe Inscoe has a small part in "42" and he told me about his experience. »

Spring Breakers (review)

Spring Breakers (review)

Four chicks go to Fla for vaca and end up involved with a very funky gangster (James Franco with braids and gold teeth). There’s about 20 minutes of total narrative here. The rest is a montage of college partying (tons of T&A, blunts, booze and blow) and bad arty montages with repetitive VO. Franco is fun to watch as he chews the scenery with those goldies and even goes down on two guns,... »


There’s a family of 5 crazy girls…at least the girls think so. After their mom is sent away, dad hires a weirdo (Toni Collette) to watch them. Of course, she does lots more. This film desperately tries to be quirky and there’s lots of energy propelling it in that direction. However, it just turns out to be frantic and misguided. When things gets serious in the last 30 minutes, it becom... »

Gangster Squad

In 1949 Hollywood, a gangster from New York (Sean Penn) muscles his way into the West Coast crime syndicates. To bring him down, a renegade cop (Josh Brolin) assembles a team of outsiders (including Ryan Gosling). This is a time when everybody smoked and women were called “tomatoes.” This film’s elegant period style and suave, snappy dialogue verge on parody, but director Rubin F... »

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