Zero Dark Thirty (review)

The CIA’s search for Osama bin Laden is detailed, particularly thru the efforts of one fervent woman (Jessica Chastain). The trail starts with the torture of detainees that garners tiny bits of information, then follows a lead that results in the crucial raid. Keep in mind, this takes 157 minutes, a lot of which is spent in closeups of Chastain’s frustrated face. Much of the early disc... »

Rust and Bone (review)

Marion Cotillard stars as a whale trainer who loses her legs (thanx to some impressive CGI) and Matthias Schoenaerts plays a street fighter (and father of a young boy) who can’t seem to get his act together. This French import develops thru their relationship, which unfolds in typical European episodic style (less narrative, fewer words). The performances are solid, but it’s never part... »

Last Stand (review)

A Mexican crime lord escapes from the FBI and it’s up to a small town sheriff (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and to stop him. There are some cool driving stunts, but most of the action is nothing special. The pacing keeps it moving, but the screenplay is simply painful: predictable, for sure, but lacking in so many ways. There were lots of opportunities for character comedy and smart retorts, but n... »

Olympus Has Fallen (Review)

Olympus Has Fallen (Review)

Gerard Butler saves the President and the country »

Ginger & Rosa  (review)

Ginger & Rosa (review)

The only thing to recommend this is Elle Fanning's compelling performance. »

Evil Dead  (review)

Evil Dead (review)

This remake doesn't come close to the originals. »

G. I. Joe: Retaliation (review)

G. I. Joe: Retaliation (review)

The new G.I. JOE is a jumbled mess. »

The Call  (review)

The Call (review)

A 911 call rings up a wild ride »

Like Someone In Love

Like Someone In Love

This is painful on every level. Read if you wanna share my pain. »

Any Day Now (review)

Any Day Now (review)

It’s 1979 and Alan Cumming’s character is making his meager living as a drag performer. He quickly meets a shy closeted hunk (Garret Dillahunt) and they end up fighting for custody of an abandoned teen with Down syndrome. This is an affecting and sweet drama that’s elevated by Cumming’s feisty performance (and wonderful singing), Dillahunt’s lovable charm and Isaac Le... »

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