The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular (review)

The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular (review)
The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular (review)
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THE PLAY: The quartet of ladies from the original (which premiered 2 years ago at Hanover Tavern) are preparing for a holiday show. A missing baby Jesus from their nativity brings a stern new member to the basement.


THE PRODUCTION: Like Bo Wilson’s original script, this sequel is less about actual punch lines and more about whimsical characters and silly situations (both of which sometimes seem forced). Thankfully, the cast knows how to deliver the fun with Catherine Shaffner and Debra Wagoner providing most of the laughs. The first act sets up the simple plot with the spunky ladies and their prickly relationships. In Act Two, we become the audience for their “spectacular,” while also watching their backstage behavior. This is when the show comes into its comic best with wacky renditions of traditional songs and stories, plus the inevitable warm finish. Director Joe Pabst has kept the energy bounding along and provided a few physical gags. The technical elements are all pleasant. Running time: 2:00


THE POINT: This new script leans on the comic talents of its cast to generate silly fun.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


At Virginia Rep’s Hanover Tavern thru 1/1



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