Charlotte’s Web (review)

Charlotte’s Web (review)
Charlotte’s Web (review)
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THE PLAY: The classic book by E.B. White is about a spider who befriends a pig. It’s adapted for the stage with three young narrators and a sprinkling of classic folk tunes.


THE PRODUCTION: I have to admit: I’ve never read the book or seen the movies, so I it was intriguing to see this rather unusual story play out. Luckily, this production manages to bring it to life with lively energy and sweet charm. The adult actors all provide solid support with Evan Nasteff’s rat getting the most laughs and Audra Honaker’s spider creating a truly lovely creature. The younger cast members seem a bit affected, with the exception of tiny Hanna Piper’s comically assured lamb. The simple set, along with the appropriate costumes and lighting work just fine. The matinee I caught featured director Chase Kniffen (subbing for Paul Major), who translated his authoritative offstage presence into his delightful performance.


THE POINT: This classic tale is staged with lively energy and sweet charm.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


Va Rep Children’s Theatre thru 11/9



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