Chef (Review)

Chef (Review)
Chef (Review)
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Jon Favreau (who also wrote/directed) plays an innovative chef whose confrontation with a critic devastates his career, so he ends up on a food truck to reestablish his love for cooking (and his relationship with his son, winningly played by Emjay Anthony). John Leguizamo joins the trip to add some enjoyable spice. The first half spends too much time with Favreau’s character blustering and bitching, but once he hits the road, the story takes on a sweet charm. This is the kind of small personal film that started Favreau’s career (before he became director of blockbusters like “Iron Man”) and it’s a welcome return to a heart-felt, charming little gem. The music’s great fun too. NOTE: Stay thru the credits to see the real chef giving Favreau some technique tips.


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4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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