A Christmas Story (review)

A Christmas Story (review)
A Christmas Story (review)
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THE PLAY: The popular (now classic) movie about a boy who wants a BB gun for Christmas comes to the stage with singing, dancing and dogs!


THE PRODUCTION: One of director Chase Kniffen’s strongest skills is bringing out the best from kids and it’s one of the best assets of this production. Any time you put this many young performers on the stage (I counted 14), you can’t help but enjoy it. The big, splashy production numbers won the night, with Duke Lafoon’s “A Major Award” and Susan Sanford’s “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!” providing the highlights. Garet Chester makes an affable narrator and Brandon McKinney lights up the stage with his Ralphie. I’m sure there are some cute lyrics in the songs, but the mix with the orchestra sometimes drowned them out. That being said, Ben Miller’s Music Direction provided solid support. Brian C. Barker’s sets and Jeanne Nugent’s costumes were traditional and attractive. Joe Doran’s lights drew attention to themselves with too many follow spots and too much haze (that mist in the air that just wasn’t right for this show). While the show has many strong points, it felt a bit jumbled on opening nite. Maybe it needs a few more rehearsals to smooth out the flow and focus the show’s story. Running time: 2:30


THE POINT: Family fun featuring a large, lively cast and a colorful production.


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


At Virginia Rep’s November Theatre thru 1/1/17





Cast of A Christmas Story. Photo by Aaron Sutten.

Cast of A Christmas Story. Photo by Aaron Sutten.


  1. How can you possible mention all those folks and leave out the total HEART of the show?

    In other words Mother played by a Broadway Vet who’s killing it?

    It’s like she wasn’t even there?

  2. You have failed to mention that the, “Big, splashy production numbers that won the night” were choreographed by Nicole Oberleitner.

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