Chronic (review)

Chronic (review)
Chronic (review)
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The majority of this film shows an in-home nurse (Tim Roth) helping his terminally-ill patients: washing them, administering their medication, offering support. Director Michel Franco (no relationship) sets his camera in static wide shots and lets the action (or lack thereof) play out in real time…often for minutes with no cutting. This paints a touching, sometimes heartbreaking picture of life near its end, but with bleak mundanity and unvarnished objectivity. There’s a bit of backstory, but it’s never fully explained and the abrupt ending (which I guessed) is an out-of-the-blue shocker with no justification. Besides the harrowing portrayals of the effects of extreme illness, this film offers little in the way of character development or bearable pacing.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)



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