Cindy Neuschwander for your coffee table

Cindy Neuschwander for your coffee table
Cindy Neuschwander for your coffee table
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Cover_Truth_Finds_YouLast year, Richmond lost a beloved member of its creative community. The artist in question is Cindy Neuschwander, who left an indelible mark on the city’s arts scene.


Those dealing with the void left by Neuschwander’s passing may take a measure of comfort in “Truth Finds You,” a project in which she was involved in the last months of her life. The 140-page, hardbound book chronicling Neuschwander’s work includes an opening essay by her longtime friend, artist Marilyn Zeitlin.


Jay Barrows, Neuschwander’s husband, wrote the forward. He begins it with, “Meeting Cindy in late 1998 was a chance encounter that changed both our lives.” He ends it with, “Cindy lived a life of unassailable passion, dignity, courage, love and intention. The work collected in this book shares some measure of that life – and is enduring evidence of what she called ‘moments of grace.’ ”


Local firm Scout Design designed “Truth Finds You.” Husband-and-wife co-owners Angeline Robertson and Charley Foley opened their firm 11 years ago and almost immediately began working with Neuschwander on a variety of projects. From their work relationship evolved a friendship.


Robertson and Foley proposed the idea for the book to Neuschwander last fall, while she was undergoing treatment for her second round of ovarian cancer. “She helped with the selection of works for the book,” said Robertson. “It was extremely important to her that the paintings were organized not just chronologically – although there is a loose chronology to their flow – but also ordered in terms of the relationships the works have to each other.”


All photographs in the book were shot by photographer David Stover, a dear friend of Neuschwander’s. (In fact, it was Stover’s wife, Caryl Burtner, who introduced Neuschwander and Barrows.) Longtime friends run out of superlatives when talking about her. Emily Smith, executive director of 1708 Gallery, found her “effervescent, soulful and generous.” Gallery director Bev Reynolds describes her as “inspiring, loyal and always pushing the limits within her work.” Artist Sally Bowring loves that she was “wonderfully candid.” Gallery owner Page Bond saw in her someone “thoughtful, smart and warm.” Artist Diego Sanchez, who met Neuschwander in graduate school, found her “dynamic and passionate.” Lawyer Rob Acosta-Lewis describes her with a single word: “Joyful.”


In the end, “Truth Finds You” is an obvious labor of love – glossy, beautifully designed and poignantly written. A chronicle well done of a life well lived.


“Truth Finds You” is available for sale at 1708 Gallery (supports next season’s exhibitions), Reynolds Gallery, Chop Suey Books and the VMFA gift shop.

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