Closer (Review)

Closer (Review)
Closer (Review)
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THE PLAY: Two couples have long, intimate conversations about love, commitment and fidelity. The writing feels like wannabe Pinter without the wit or language.


THE PRODUCTION: This production suffers greatly from a lack of much dynamic in the emotional landscape. Director Channelle Vigue allows every scene to drag on (much like the continuously droning music) at a deliberate pace with too many pauses and little variation in the energy. As a result, the performances, while earnest and competent, feel flat and somewhat self-indulgent. The quartet is working hard, but a lack of emotional depth and the dreadful pace makes for an excruciatingly slow exercise. The set is basically a large limbo environment with no inspiration and the lighting is moody.  NOTE: There is extensive smoking, and even though they’re herbal cigs, the stuffiness never fully dissipates.


THE POINT: This earnest production suffers from slow pacing and lack of dynamics.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)


A TheatreLAB production running at RVA Event Space thru 5/10

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