Coastal Elites (review)

Coastal Elites (review)
Coastal Elites (review)
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This is one of the first major shows shot social distanced. Each actor is in a solo environment, as they perform a monologue about how the Trump Administration has affected their lives. It starts with Bette Midler in classic comic form, which is amplified by writer Paul Rudnick in his best satirical style. The rest lack the humor, but embrace emotional responses. Dan Levy deals with being an out gay actor, Issa Rae encounters her prep school classmate, Sarah Paulson copes with her MAGA family and Kaitlyn Dever plays a nurse coping with COVID. It helps that accomplished director Jay Roach has created simple sestups to allow the actors to shine. Overall, this is a self-important screed decrying our current situation with well-worn political points. It’s a sincere effort at embodying liberal responses to our current social situation for an audience of the already-converted.


3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)


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